Worcester Music Festival

Kicking off on September 15th and culminating on the 17th, the Worcester Music Festival brings together hundreds (yes, hundreds) of acts from the best new and emerging artists in the country. It’s one of the UK’s fastest growing metropolitan live music events, not least because of its excellent location, and this year’s fest is likely to attract plenty of interest.

A far cry from the immense muddy fields of Leeds or Reading, the Worcester Music Festival takes place in multiple venues across it’s charming host city. That means anything from pubs and clubs to restaurants and record shops – Worcester Music Festival will even take you to a brewery. Better yet, the entire festival is free.

Without paying a penny, you’ll be able to check out music from pretty much every genre imaginable. Rock, indie, pop, and punk will be supplied in abundance, as will blues, hip hop, reggae, folk, and country. The Worcester Music Festival is nothing if not inclusive, which might explain why over 1,000 bands and artists applied for a slot at this year’s event. 250 were available, and they’ve been snagged by acts such as:

  • Exeter-based reggae dub wizards The Barefoot Bandit.
  • Hardcore outfit Constructor, hailing from South Wales.
  • Rockerbilly from Nottingham-based The Superkings.
  • Leicester-based Collosloth, for eclectic soundscapes.

And enjoying Worcester Music Festival tunes is about getting involved as much as enjoying other people’s work. There are a whole host of free music-related workshops aimed at both adults and children, including Q&As with industry experts, an annual photography competition for amateur photographers of any age or experience, and drum clinics.

Despite being a non-profit making event that demands no cash from its attendees, the Worcester Music Festival manages to raise money for charity. They’ve certainly excelled at doing so in the past, with over £44,000 drummed up across the last eight years via collections, raffles, wristbands sales, and so on. This year’s charity has not yet been announced, but we’re sure those who attend will continue supporting worthy causes. If you’re attending and want to contribute yourself, just look for one of the festival’s many fancy dress-clad charity collectors.

Keep checking the official website to find out more, or follow on Twitter @worcsmusicfest. We think you’ll be glad you did.