The Wristband Song. (1 min read)

Back in 2016 the legendary singer/songwriter Paul Simon released a song named ‘Wristband’ from his album ‘Stranger to Stranger’. It made us chuckle thinking how wristbands have become very much part of the psyche in todays events, leisure and entertainment space.

You just need to look around you at festivals and gigs to see that they have become very collectible mementoes and keepsakes, proudly displayed on the arms of people of all ages. It proudly says ‘I was there!’

The song itself tells the story of a musician going outside for a smoke and the stage door clicks behind him and is then unable to gain access back into his own gig because he wasn’t wearing the wristband.

Of course security and crowd control is all- important and wristbands serve this purpose brilliantly.

But if you haven’t yet had a listen to Paul Simon’s Wristband song get on You Tube, Spotify or wherever and let it put a smile on your face.