The Many Areas of Bestival

One of the best things about Bestival is exploring its varied areas – in fact, you’d be very hard-pressed to see it all. That’s why we’ve put together a quick review of its eight separate zones.


Ambientland lives up to its name with plenty of transcendent tones meant to take your awareness to a higher level. It’s all about soothing grooves to salve the psyche. It includes The Ambient Forest Stage, plus a wide range of installations, paintings, sculptures, performances, music, poetry, and workshops.

Slow Motion

An island of contentment set deep within Bestival’s Colour-infused wonderland, Slow Motion is a great place to unwind. You’ll find Slow Motion Therapies providing a proper spa massage experience, a Lycra 80s Jane Fonda Party, and even Aerial Yoga.

Cuckoo Clump

Billed as ‘the hotbed of the party’, Cuckoo Clump stages include Club Dada and Stacy’s. You can also look here for oddities such as The World’s Largest Disco Ball and the Sunday Best Record Shop.

Colour Field

A world of colour and dance, Colour Field is the beating heart of Bestival, and it’s famous for it’s Bollywood inspired area. However, probably the best attraction is Temple. It features the cream of the club scene, high-tech lasers, insane pyrotechnics, and phenomenal aerial displays alongside state of the art sound. Colour Field is also home to The World’s Biggest Confetti Cannon.

Love-Bot Park

Love-Bot Park contains three awesome stages, including The Box and HMS Bestival. The iconic Love-Bot towers eight meters tall to spread love and joy. For this year, giant astronauts also walk among the Love-Bot crowd. At night, visit the area for light-strewn parades.

The Lawn

Want to kick back and relax somewhere a little more traditional? Well, that’s just what The Lawn is for. Featuring the cosmic haven of Oberon’s Observatory and the delicious treats of The Feast Collective, The Lawn is where you enjoy delicious food and drinks along with more casual tunes.

The Castle Field

If you want big name music, you go to The Castle Field for The Castle Stage. Meet the kooky congregation of Bestival Inflatable Church and take part in a Confetti Wedding Disco. As part of the closing Sunday night finale, The Castle Field hosts the Castle Fireworks Finale.


A theatrical wonderland that takes traditional gypsy life as its inspiration, Caravanserai is home to Cirque Bijou, Bristol based show makers who push the boundaries of contemporary circus and street theatre.