‘Septemberfest? That can’t be right…’

And yet it is! If Octoberfest seems way off in the far-flung future, why not check out what Septemberfest can offer in the meantime. You might have heard about it, but that’s only because this is the event’s inaugural year. And even if you haven’t heard of the festival, we’re going to bet dollars to donuts that the top acts will ring a few bells.

Indie sensations Razorlight will be headlining, treating those who attend to classic 00s anthems such as ‘In The Morning’ and ‘America’. They’ll be supported by Reef, a Glastonbury-born four-piece famous for 1996’s ‘Place Your Hands’ – they were opening for Coldplay at Wembley Stadium in June of last year.

Razorlight is a pretty strong headliner for a festival that’s in its very first year, and it’s not like they are the lone heavy hitters. 5ive, East 17, Atomic Kitten, and S Club will also be attending, as will the following top acts:

  • A1
  • Liberty X
  • 911
  • Blazin’ Squad
  • The Cheeky Girls
  • Dario G
  • Urban Cookie Collective
  • Whigfield

That’s just a small selection of the throwback wonders set to take the stage. In fact, there will be over 100 acts contributing to 12 hours of top music each day. Whether you want to hear vintage English hip hop, unforgettable pop, or whatever exactly the musical style of The Cheeky Girls was, you’ll feel right at home at Septemberfest.

And this isn’t one of those festivals where you’ll be swallowed up by the swell. Septemberfest organisers have wisely decided to make this an event where even families can enjoy an unforgettable weekend of live music, so there’s no need to resist bringing your little ones along for the fun.

You’ll find a welcome chill-out zone perfect for when you want to take a load off, plus a diverse range of craft activities to entertain all ages. If you want a couple of hours to remember your responsibility-free 90s and 00s, Septemberfest even offers a creche facility where the kids will be under the care of staff at all times and treated to some delicious refreshments.

For added authenticity, we suggest bringing your old Nokia, playing with your Tamagotchi, and donning some truly questionable pieces of fashion. An array of different tickets is still available, so make sure you snap one up while you still can.