Green Man Festival

The Green Man Festival is a fantastic family event that takes place across four days in the Brecon Beacons.

From live music to face painting, this unique festival comes with its own open and inviting identify. Better yet, it offers ten separates areas into which you and your kids can leap for a few days of fun and excitement.

Far Out

24-hour-party-people can enjoy live music around the clock, and even an immense dusk ‘til dawn bonfire. The more chilled can check out anything from cult classics to blockbuster films at the Cinedrome.


Mountain’s Foot

The Festival’s mainstage is framed by the Black Mountains rolling away in the distance, and you can always pick up a few refreshing drinks at the nearby Mountain Bar.


Walled Garden

Green Man’s festival-within-a-festival, this grassy courtyard features smaller live sets and picnicking around the Maypole. Take a pint from the Green Man Pub in the day; enjoy DJs when the sun goes down.


Babbling Tongues

Chill out with your family in front of stand-ups like Tim Minchin or Caitlin Moran. You’ll also be able to enjoy live talks from numerous other entertainers.


Einstein’s Garden

Got a prodigy bustling among your brood? Make sure you swing by Einstein’s Garden for some interactive fun. OKIDO, the arts and science magazine for young children, brings a range of science-related games and activities, while Hack Your Brain provides a fast-paced, interactive show to uncover the quirks of your grey matter.


Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture is available when you need to unwind. Rejuvenate in a hot tub or experience a yoga workshop; there’s even a special kid’s yoga class.


Little Folk

With colourful creations, swings, and face-painting tents, this is the place to come to let your youngest ones work off their energy and have a blast. This year’s theme is the jungle, so expect to leave with a stream of little tigers, lions, and zebras in your wake.


The Courtyard

You’ll find The Courtyard right in the middle of Green Man, with plenty of places to pick up a delicious snack.


Fortune Falls

Secluded amongst a clear stream, tall trees, and a miniature waterfall, Fortune Falls is home to breath-taking art installations. You’ll find new and upcoming artists at The Rising Stage.



While Little Folks takes care of tykes to 12-year olds, Somewhere provides an action-packed arena for 13­17 year olds. From film making to football and from singing to circus tricks, there’s plenty to entertain even the surliest of teens.