Here’s Where You Can get Tickets to Bestival’s Changed Festival Dates

Say what you will about Bestival, this clearly isn’t a festival afraid of making changes. You probably already know that – after all the switch in location from Isle of Wight to a new home in Lulworth, Dorset was announced just last year. But that’s not all, the legendary fest is now going to be taking place a whole month earlier. Event running DJ Rob Da Bank has apparently listened to feedback, because the next Bestival will be kicking off on August 2nd 2018 and running through to August 5th.

They’ve also gone ahead and announced next year’s theme, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your outfit ready. It should be on the ostentatious side – Bestival will be celebrating the Circus.

As summed up by Rob Da Bank: “Yes fellow Bestivalites it’s time to run away and join the Circus, Bestival style! Bearded freaks, insane acrobats, high wire daredevils, mutant jugglers and an out of control ringmaster all eager for you to join the most colourful show on earth await. And what makes this show even more unmissable is we have moved into peak season August style and will be open a month earlier than usual… so what are you waiting for?”

Plenty of Circus-style treats and events have been promised, including:

  • Art Car Night Circus Parade
  • Caravanserai flying trapeze
  • Fire eating
  • Knife throwing
  • Bearded ladies
  • The Insect Circus Museum
  • Sword swallowing
  • Hall of mirrors
  • Circus workshops

There’ll even be free haircuts. Sounds like a barrel of fun, and more will be announced soon. You should also be keeping your ears to the ground to pick up news of some of the music acts you can expect to see.

Better yet, why not get your tickets booked? They are already available for a pre-sale sign-up. If you’re interested, tickets are priced at a mere £139, plus that pesky booking fee and a refundable eco-bond. All you need to do is head to the Bestival website to stake your claim. Early bird tickets are available for £149 plus booking fees and refundable eco-bond.

So, what are you waiting for? Next year’s Bestival is going to be making the most of its new location, and the earlier spot in the British summer should (fingers tightly crossed) slash the likelihood of experiencing rain, which was always a bit of a drawback with this fest.


Festival-goers aren’t known for liking to sleep the day away; let’s face it, the hectic energy and all-night dancing that comes along with a festival weekend are part and parcel of the experience itself.

That said, some events stand out as perfect for those who like to mix their favourite performers with the chance to team up, work up a sweat, and go for the win. Among those events, the Sportbeat Festival stands supreme.

The Sportbeat Festival returns for 2016 with more big name acts than ever. From August 20th to 21st, you’ll be able to experience legends such as The Charlatans, Happy Mondays, and Echo & the Bunnymen. Jaguar Skills is back as the resident DJ, and up-and-coming Bristol band Coasts, who have just carried off sell-out tours in the UK and US, are expected to make their voices heard.

Those performers would be enough to draw crowds, but the Sportbeat Festival’s main draw, as you might have guessed, is sport itself.

You’ll be able to enter your team in either a 6-a-side grass volleyball or netball tournament. Both offer competitive or local league divisions. If you’d like to sign-up for volleyball, you’ll need a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 6 players, all able to play, referee, and score. For netball, you’ll also be able to choose between ladies and mixed divisions. Teams will have the chance to earn the coveted title of SportBeat Champions of 2016.

Rounding off the athletic offerings is the Lee Forty Sports ‘Rugby Skills’ workshop, which will be coached by a former Gloucester RFC player.

These tournaments and skills workshops make Sportsbeat a great festival for active families, and there’s plenty of things to keep the little ones entertained while you’re battling it out for the title. Arthur’s Vintage Fare is returning, bringing with it the iconic helter-skelter that has become such a symbol of the event. Gloucester’s Secret Garden Nursery will be able to take care of the tykes when you need to play.

Not many festivals could showcase acts like those listed above and still have even more exciting events to talk about, but Sportbeat is one of them. It’s quickly becoming a favourite for families who like to get out and enjoy themselves on the weekend, and the event is getting more and more popular each year. If you want a shot at this year’s top-spot, make sure you get organised and train up!

Green Man Festival

The Green Man Festival is a fantastic family event that takes place across four days in the Brecon Beacons.

From live music to face painting, this unique festival comes with its own open and inviting identify. Better yet, it offers ten separates areas into which you and your kids can leap for a few days of fun and excitement.

Far Out

24-hour-party-people can enjoy live music around the clock, and even an immense dusk ‘til dawn bonfire. The more chilled can check out anything from cult classics to blockbuster films at the Cinedrome.


Mountain’s Foot

The Festival’s mainstage is framed by the Black Mountains rolling away in the distance, and you can always pick up a few refreshing drinks at the nearby Mountain Bar.


Walled Garden

Green Man’s festival-within-a-festival, this grassy courtyard features smaller live sets and picnicking around the Maypole. Take a pint from the Green Man Pub in the day; enjoy DJs when the sun goes down.


Babbling Tongues

Chill out with your family in front of stand-ups like Tim Minchin or Caitlin Moran. You’ll also be able to enjoy live talks from numerous other entertainers.


Einstein’s Garden

Got a prodigy bustling among your brood? Make sure you swing by Einstein’s Garden for some interactive fun. OKIDO, the arts and science magazine for young children, brings a range of science-related games and activities, while Hack Your Brain provides a fast-paced, interactive show to uncover the quirks of your grey matter.


Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture is available when you need to unwind. Rejuvenate in a hot tub or experience a yoga workshop; there’s even a special kid’s yoga class.


Little Folk

With colourful creations, swings, and face-painting tents, this is the place to come to let your youngest ones work off their energy and have a blast. This year’s theme is the jungle, so expect to leave with a stream of little tigers, lions, and zebras in your wake.


The Courtyard

You’ll find The Courtyard right in the middle of Green Man, with plenty of places to pick up a delicious snack.


Fortune Falls

Secluded amongst a clear stream, tall trees, and a miniature waterfall, Fortune Falls is home to breath-taking art installations. You’ll find new and upcoming artists at The Rising Stage.



While Little Folks takes care of tykes to 12-year olds, Somewhere provides an action-packed arena for 13­17 year olds. From film making to football and from singing to circus tricks, there’s plenty to entertain even the surliest of teens.


Boardmaster’s Music and Performances

Boardmasters Festival returns to Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach for 2016.

With everything from internationally-known performers to beach activities on offer, the event is always a popular one. Better yet, there are nine separate areas to choose from, with each catering to a different musical taste.

Main Stage

Boardmasters’ Main Stage has played host to legends such as Snoop Dogg, and it’s where you’ll be able to take in the headline acts each night. Make sure you make an appearance during the day if you don’t want to miss out on other huge artists.

Unleashed Stage

Unleashed plays host to the biggest tracks of the summer. Club-land hits and major arena acts combine to create the biggest indoor rave in the South West. Previous acts have included Zane Lowe, 2ManyDJ’s, and DJ EZ.

Land of Saints

A bastion of rock that has been home to The Darkness in 2015 and will be featuring Wolf Alice in 2016’s headline Friday slot. Whatever kind of rock rocks your boat, the Land of Saints can be trusted to scratch that itch.

The View

New and upcoming artists gather momentum at The View. Don’t believe us? George Ezra, Ben Howard, and Newton Faulkner all made their starts here, so expect to find the best undiscovered talent that the UK has to offer.

The Point

The most innovative DJs and producers can be found at The Point. An open-air party stretches right through the night, with acts sourced from the hottest clubs all over planet.

The Keg & Pasty 

Pirates, smugglers, and miners have all made The Keg & Pasty their home away from home. A classic Cornish pub, it delivers a sunny beer garden for you to chill in, and remains the hub of banter. The Keg is at the centre of it all, offering stand-up comedy and local bands.

VIP Stage

A VIP ticket grants access to one of the finest views in Cornwall. You’ll drink with a vista of Watergate Bay before you, plus an overlook of The View stage.

The Net Loft

A new and more intimate stage area promises to showcase new Cornish talent and under-the-radar musicians.

The Beach Bar

From the surfer’s shack to the BBQ terrace, resident DJs and live bands enliven this island-inspired slice of Boardmasters. Grab an ice cold beer or a sizzling burger while you check out the surf competition, then enjoy Beach Sessions after dark.

Festival Fit: Your Must-Have Kit List

Even though it is now possible to buy preprepared festival kits, you really don’t need to pay somebody else to get you festival fit this summer. Whichever festivals you have on your list for the next few months, you will probably have to haul your stuff some distance to the campsite, so travel light but travel smart:

Essential Kit

  • Festival ticket: You’d be surprised…
  • Tent: Whether you go for a sturdy, solar-powered home from home that will get you through a lifetime of festivals or a cheap pop-up disposable, practice setting up your tent before you go.
  • Sleeping bag & roll mat: Roll mats are surprisingly light and are really worth the room in your rucksack. The ground at festival campsites is impossibly hard to sleep on.
  • A refillable bottle: Many sites offer free taps on site, so you don’t have to lug about heavy bottles all day or buy overpriced water. And if you think you can survive on beer alone, you have a horrific dehydration headache to look forward to.
  • Toilet roll, wet wipes & sanitising gel: The holy trinity of festival hygiene. Don’t even think of going without. Packs of tissues are also handy to carry around in a—
  • Bum bag: Wear either a zippable pouch that you can wear around your waist or a bag that straps neatly across your body for security and convenience. This is where you stash your cash, hand gel, tissues, and—
  • Documentation: Check your ticket to see if ID is required. If you look under 18, bring ID anyway. Also bring any medical information if you suffer from allergies or medical conditions.
  • Sun protection cream: You may laugh, but even the most rain-sodden of festivals frequently have hours of brilliant sunshine, and you really don’t want to wake up with a hangover and
  • Wellies & poncho: Even if the sun is blazing down all weekend, all those bodies churning through the fields is going to make it mucky, so be prepared and don’t wear anything flimsy on your feet. Flip flops are handy to slip your sticky feet into when you get to your tent. A rain poncho takes up no space in your rucksack but could save you considerable misery if it starts to bucket down.
  • A hat: Not only will you look cool, but you can avoid both sunstroke and hypothermia by packing an appropriate hat.
  • Torch: An absolute lifesaver when you’re trying to find the toilets or your tent in the dark, especially if you’re a bit unsteady on your feet…
  • Medication: Apart from any essential medication you may need for a condition, don’t forget to pack basic pain relief like ibuprofen or paracetamol, plasters, and medication for stomach upsets.
  • Dry shampoo: Because you’re unlikely to be showering very much, but you still want to look (and smell) reasonable.
  • Contraceptives: You never know.

Don’t Bring:

  • Too much stuff
  • Anything in a glass bottle (Even perfume will be confiscated).
  • Animals (apart from registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, kites or sky lanterns, fireworks.

T in the Park 2015 Playlist

T in the Park 2015 kicks off this week. These playlists are becoming something of a theme for large UK festivals. Anyone would think that we just like listening to Spotify. T in the Park is the biggest festival in Scotland, so if you are attending, or are just wanting a taste of what’s on offer, check out our playlist.

Is the playlist above not working? Click this link to view it in Spotify Open T in the Park 2015 Playlist.

About T in the Park

T in the Park is a three day festival that has been running annually since 1994. As of 2015, the festival will be held at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Boasting a diverse range of acts including, Rage Against the Machine, Primal Scream, Blur, Paul Weller, REM, Coldplay, Kasabian and The Libertines.

Glastonbury 2015 Playlist

After the success of out Download 2015 playlist, we have put together a Spotify playlist for Glastonbury 2015. Glastonbury is THE festival in the UK and is notoriously hard to get tickets for. But never fear, we have put together this playlist so that you can feel the Glastonbury vibes. Due to the size of Glasto, you can understand that this playlist is not all encompassing. We were sad to hear that Foo Fighters had to drop out (Get well soon Dave!) but don’t worry, they definitely made the playlist.

Is the playlist above not working? Click this link to view it in Spotify Open Glastonbury 2015 Playlist.

Download 2015

The Download 2015 Playlist

Download 2015 officially kicks off tomorrow! Though early access campers have been at Donington Park since Wednesday. In case you have missed out on your chance to be there in person, we have made a Spotify playlist, so you can get a taste of what you’re missing out on, only with less mud and cleaner toilets. (We would hope!)

Is the playlist above not working? Click this link to view it in Spotify Open Download 2015 Playlist.

7 Festival Tactics to Catch All Your Must-See Acts

You can’t miss Foo Fighters, but you’ve been dying to see Alt-J forever, and you cannot leave the festival without catching Hozier, so how do you get to stages in totally different areas without cloning yourself? It’s easy when you have a plan:

Do Your Research

It sounds logical, but you’d be surprised at how many people turn up to festivals without any idea of where and when their favourite acts are playing. Print out the festival schedule or take a screenshot with your phone. Now divide the playlist into must-see, would-like-to-see, and not-bothered. See which of your preferred acts are playing close together or (gasp) at the same time, and get ready to cull.

Decide on the Artist You Just Have to See

If you simply have to get up front for Kanye, you’ll need to get to the stage early, and that means missing out on any other sets playing at the same time. So, before you go, pick out your top three acts and schedule everything else around them.

Don’t Go with a Crowd

You just can’t please everybody, so if your aim is to actually see stuff, make sure you go to the festival with one or two friends with the same taste in music as you do. That way, you can catch the same acts and you won’t waste time trying to compromise.

Pack Light

It’s much harder to scamper between stages if you’re lugging a back-pack, so shove what you need into a bum bag, and you’ll find it much easier to slip through the crowds. And don’t be afraid to move with purpose: We know it goes against the whole peace-love vibe of festivals everywhere, but smiling at people will not get them to walk quicker.

Scope out the Stages

As soon as you’ve put up your tent and before you touch a refreshing beverage, grab your festival map and find all the stages where your favourite acts are playing. If you need to run from one stage to catch a performance at another, at least you’ll know the direction you need to head in.

Wear a Watch

Borrow or buy a watch you don’t mind losing or breaking. It’s hard to get to a performance if you don’t know what time it is, but flashing your iPhone every time you want to see how many minutes you have until the next act kicks off is just asking for trouble.

Stay at the Back

If your schedule means that you have very little time between the end of one performance and the start of another, stay at the rear of the crowd for the first one. Not only will it be easier for you to dash to the next stage once the first performance has finished (or even nearly finished, if you have a lot of distance to cover), you will also have more room to impress with your dance moves.