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We hope you’re having a great start to the Summer! We also hope that you’ve attending or have tickets to lots of your favourite festivals…
If you’re booking a festival, one of the main priorities is of course wristbands. You need look no further!

Read more about our fabric festival wristbands

Our fabric festival wristbands are constructed from high-quality polyester that will withstand extensive wear and tear for the whole weekend, or even a week-long event – they may even last longer than you do!
Our festival wristbands are supplied to you each with their own tamper proof aluminium clasp – you’ll know the sort if you’ve ever stood in those long festival queues eagerly awaiting your weekend right of passage. These metal clasps come attached to the band and is simply applied at the festival gates and simply adjusted to fit the wrist and sealed with a closing tool. As this process happens all at the security gates, the clasp is fitted under supervision ensuring complete security.
The great thing about these bands is, once the clasp has been secured, it cannot be removed without cutting and therefore destroying the value of the band. This ensures, for festival organisers that there’s absolutely no chance of any security breaches.
These are some of the most eye-catching and sort-after wristbands you can buy for your festival and can be printed or woven in up to 6 different colours (pantone matched to your logo or branding requirements) these bands don’t just represent security, but serve as a memento of your amazing weekend for years to come.
Quick summary of our festival wristbands:
• Non-transferable & tamper proof
• Eye-catching in your brand’s Pantone colours
• Great collector’s item
• Quick and easy to apply
• Soft and comfortable for extended wear
• Can be sequentially numbered
• Closing tool – for sale or return
• Size: 15mm wide x 350mm long
• Lead time dependent on quantity and specific requirements
• Minimum quantity: 500
So, whichever festival you’re organising, big or small, get in touch to find out more about our festival wristbands today!
Contact JC-Leisure on 01482 804514

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