Guide to Halloween: 7 Steps to Throwing a Children’s Party that Adults Can Love Too

Putting on a party can be stressful at the best of times. Add in the fact that you’ll need to scare, but not terrify, a bunch of tykes while also entertaining the parents and you can have quite the conundrum on your hands.

Luckily enough, it’s an issue that has been faced by Halloween mums and dads for decades, so there’s plenty of advice out there to help you put together the perfect bash.

1. Get the Invitations Right
There’s plenty going on during Halloween, so make sure you send out invitations at least a month in advance so all the other parents can make space in their diaries.

2. Costume in Teams
The best way to get adults into the fun of costuming is by making group costumes the theme. You can have a group of mummies, a coven of witches, or even a few of The Avengers turning up on your doorstep.

3. Break into Trick-or-Treat Groups
Try breaking your main party into groups of four or five children, plus a couple of adults, to go out trick-or-treating. It’s more fun to go as a group, but you don’t want to lose control with a large one. Head out five minutes apart to avoid bunching up.

4. Veer Away from Sweets
Your kids could feast on chocolate bars all night, but adults won’t be so keen. For your own snacks, make small cakes and other more adult-friendly edibles that are still spooky-themed.

5. Get a Mix of Games Going
Halloween games are great, but you don’t want all the kids getting bored queueing up for one after another. Try instead getting a range of games going at once, mixing the loud and manic with the more subdued.

6. Pick a Spooky Movie
To make sure the adults have their own slice of Halloween fun, try ending the children’s night with a movie or two. There are plenty of kid’s films out there that provide a few jumps without getting too blood-curdling. While the kids relax after their night of fun, the adults can do something themselves. A Halloween murder mystery dinner in the kitchen, perhaps?

7. Phone a Babysitter
It might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but consider calling on your favourite babysitter to lend a hand. You can ask them to take care of tasks that you might feel a little bossy asking other parents to do on their night’s off, and they’ll be great at getting into the spirit of things with your kids.