Electric Daisy Carnival

Stepping into the world of the Electric Daisy Carnival is an almost visceral experience.

There are acts to delight every musical taste, but the true draw is the festival’s entrancingly picturesque landscape. A living monument to vivid colours and boundless imagination, EDC is a mecca for anyone with a passion for music, art, and self-discovery.

Each area within the festival reflects its own distinct marriage of nature and technology, and wandering between them makes for a fascinating experience.

Areas include:

  • kineticFIELD: Lasers jump up from the Crystal Village’s stage, reflecting the energy that pulses through the audience.
  • cosmicMEADOW: An intergalactic playground that brings the nation’s finest trance and Dreamstate artists.
  • circuitGROUNDS: The sounds of heavy dance thrum out through the machinery of circuitGROUNDS.
  • neonGARDEN: Hosting everything from house to garage, EDC’s neonGARDEN focuses on hothouse electronic tracks.

Those stages will play host to some of the biggest names in sound, as well as a whole host of up-and-comers. Expect to hear names such as Alison Wonderland, 99 Souls, Acivii, Andy Moor, Goldie MBE, Lost Frequencies, Eric Prydz, Aly & Fila, Bassrush experience, and Caspa B2B Rusko.

Beyond music, the EDC has gained a cult following thanks to its range of rides and other attractions. This is a carnival, after all, so visitors can expect to be thrilled at every turn, whether that means taking a ride on the slingshot, being circulated around in mid-air by the towering swing, or being twisted upside-down and side-to-side.

When you’ve finished embracing your inner adrenaline junkie on EDC’s variety of thrill rides, make sure you take the time to check out the range of art works presented across the grounds. From traditional installations to stunning three-dimensional superstructures, the EDC’s artistic offerings promise to inspire all who come in contact with them. From LED-infused flora and fauna to interactive pieces, each work aims to bridge the divide between nature and technology.

Throughout it all, you’ll be sure to run across the festival’s own motley crew of Funkdafied Freaks. These entertainers include stilters, circus performers, aerialists, and dancers. Costumed in the theatrical garb that brings life the EDC, they enchant, astound, and entertain all day long. Visitors are encouraged to adopt the EDC mentality and don their own most engaging and eye-catching apparel in order to better imbibe the unique mind-set that comes along with one of the UK’s most innovative festivals.