Our High-Security Wristbands for Your Event

You may or may not have heard the story of Marcus Haney, a 26 year-old sought after music photography who built a career on the back of ‘jumping fences’ at popular music festivals.

His festival-crashing footage has now been made into a feature documentary called No Camera’s Allowed: the film contains 4 years worth of footage from various festivals which Marcus was able to fool security.

“We’ve done everything” explains Marcus “Everything from jumping fences to fake wristbands to posing as security to posing as artists to posing as press to running through truck entrances to going underneath fences.”

After sneaking into Coachella in 2010, Marcus recreated a media wristband from shoelaces one day, which got him into the photo pit with an old camera. Having such good quality photos got him a ticket to Bonnaroo where he shot a short film that grabbed the attention of the band Mumford & Sons who then invited him on tour as their official cameraman. Of course, now Marcus does not have to sneak in anywhere.

Of course, this was a one-off, rare and incredible story of how a man fashioned a career out of breaking the rules and most gatecrashers do so without such targeted career intentions. As a festival organiser, we understand that it’s of the utmost importance to keep break-ins to a minimum. Not just for loss on earnings, but for maximum festival security.

Our Security Wristbands

yellow plastic security wristband
No festival or event would be complete without the use of the wristband: not only does it make a great memento and acts as marketing long after the event, but they act as the most effective tool of identification.

No matter what size your event, no party planner or event organiser needs the added stress of uninvited guests sneaking in through man-made tunnels. After all, they already have the entertainment, lighting, staging, acoustics, food, staff, volunteers etc to worry about as it is.

Ordering high security wristbands from JC-Leisure will ensure that fence jumpers will be one less thing to worry about. Our security wristbands will provide your guests and staff with the desired visual identification that can be used for any event whether you’re organizing a festival, concert, access control into theme parks, leisure centres, nightclubs or other.

Our range of bright colours means that they’re easier than ever to spot with different colours and styles available to identify the difference between guests/staff/volunteers etc.

All of our security wristbands can be personalized with a printed or woven with a personalized logo or message making them much harder to replicate, with most of our security wristbands impossible to remove without damaging, making them completely non-transferable.

So, as much as we love Marcus Haney’s story, we know how it is on the other side of the fence…

Festival security is serious business and the importance of keeping it a safe, fun and fair environment for all of your guests is of paramount importance. Even if that’s a story that won’t make it to the film festivals of LA any time soon…