Top 5 Fundraising Ideas


Trying to raise money for your charity?

Our charity wristbands are a great starting point for any charitable or non-profit group to spread the word and raise your profile – they’re the most visible and fashionable charity-style wristbands worn today. JC-Leisure have a whole range of colours and styles for you to choose from and at pennies, you can sell your wristbands on for pounds to really get your charity funds started! So, what better way to spread your message than at your very own charity fundraiser! If it’s your first fundraiser, or you just want to try a new idea, here are our top 5 ideas for fundraising events.

1. Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon

Sporting activities are a great way to raise money for charity. You can turn most sporting activities into a fundraiser so pick your sport of choice and get going! Make sure you sure you pick a route and distance that is realistic and within your ability, and if you are getting friends or other fundraisers involved, keep their abilities in mind too.

2. Auction

If you have a specific item in mind an auction is a great way to raise some good money in a quick time period. If you don’t have an attic that would make David Dickinson proud you can always ask local businesses or artists to donate items to your cause. Getting craftspeople or children involved is another great idea – a family event could be arranged to auction off handmade gifts or children’s artistic creations!

3. Fundraising Raffle

These are another family event favourite! Raffles are a fundraising staple and can add extra profit to most kinds of fundraising event. Get family, friends, local businesses, artists, craftspeople or even local celebrities to donate raffle prizes and add a raffle or tombola to a day of games, food, sporting etc to boost your profits.

4. Bake Sale

Everyone loves a bake-sale! One of the most fun ways to raise money is to put everyone’s baking skills to the test and sell a range of cakes, breads, cookies, buns and cupcakes to hit your target. Cupcakes are particularly popular right now, so why not put your artistic skills to the test and decorate your cupcakes in your charity’s logo, theme or colours? You could even raise the stakes by getting family, friends and neighbours involved – everyone will be keen to make the most desirable deserts!

5. Jumble Sale

A jumble or car boot sale is another simple way to raise money for your charity – and get rid of some unwanted items in the process! Either take your car along to an organised car boot event, or open up your garage/conservatory or house for visitors to come and purchase your unwanted items. Encouraging your friends and family to come along and bring a friend is a great way to get the word around that you are selling some items.