Reading Festival – More Names Added to The Jack Rocks Stage

Let’s face it: even more than most other popular UK fests, Reading Festival is where people head to check out the biggest names that modern music has to offer. Of course, part of the pleasure of attending such a huge and legendary event is discovering some of the newest acts as they head to stages for some of their first big festival experiences. Cool for them; very cool for us.

For new talent sourced straight from our own British Isles, it’s always the Jack Rocks stage that you stroll over to. The roster was already packed with an impressive myriad of new names, but a whole bunch of extra acts were announced at the last minute to turn excitement up to a fever pitch, and reviews suggest that effort didn’t go unappreciated.

Curious to learn more? Just check out the acts that managed to turn it up on this year’s fantastic Reading Jack Rocks stage:

  • Baby Strange
  • Trampoline
  • The Shimmer Band
  • Broken Witt Rebels
  • The Sundowners
  • The Spitfires
  • White Room
  • The blinders
  • Bang Bang Romeo
  • The Wholls
  • Asylums
  • Avalanche party
  • The cosmics
  • Paves
  • Liberty Ship
  • Blackwaters
  • Strange Bones
  • Palm Honey
  • Vida
  • Sisteray
  • Tijuana Bibles
  • Sheafs
  • Emily Capell
  • Mint
  • The Assist
  • Shambolics
  • The Americas
  • False Heads
  • The Strawberries
  • The Jackobins
  • The Luka State
  • Himalayas
  • Breed
  • Naropa
  • No Hot Ashes
  • The Surrenders
  • Surge
  • Plastic People
  • Of Empires
  • Heavy Suns
  • Rosko
  • Skin
  • Sons
  • Rainbow Maniac

It was one of the most promising new act line-ups on the already impressive UK fest scene. And those bands aren’t all. Resident Jack Rocks DJs will include DJ Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma), Superfood, and This Feeling.

Whether you’re already sad about the end of Reading Festival 2017 or loudly lamenting the fact that you didn’t get to attend at all, this list of up-and-comers is likely to add salt to the wound. We’re sorry about that, but keep in mind that the intense popularity of new acts during this year’s event is only going to encourage the same sort of display next year. Reading Festival 2018 already can’t come around fast enough, but now you have a whole new reason to keep yourself ready for next year’s ticket release. Make it the first entry on your 2018 calendar.