Hull City of Culture: Seasons

Hull has been named the United Kingdom’s City of Culture for 2017, and the city is organising an event that will showcase the best of its traditional and contemporary culture, and that event will be taking place over the whole year. From January 1st to December 31st of 2017, the city will be playing host to numerous events, each of which will say something distinctive and captivating about Hull and its proud traditions.

As it’s to be a year-long festival, organisers have made the smart step of dividing the whole event into four separate seasons. Here’s a quick taste of what’s on offer from each.

Season One: Made in Hull

From the start of January through to the end of March, Hull will reinvent the nation’s preconceptions by showing what the city is really made of. Season One will be devoted to the diverse array of contributions that Hull has made to the world. Whether showcasing artistic accomplishments in areas such as theatre, music, and poetry, or technological innovations, such as wind turbines, Hull’s legacy of great innovators will be celebrated.

Season Two: Roots and Routes

Running from April through to the end of June, Season Two will look beyond the city itself to capture the ways in which Hull has become intricately and intimately connected to the world beyond its borders. As a place of migration and transitions within an increasingly connected world, the city will celebrate its position as a place where paths cross and journeys begin. Roots and Routes will bring an international flavour while Hull shines as the centre of UK culture during 2017.

Season Three: Freedom

The summer season will naturally draw plenty of crowds, and organisers have decided to entertain those crowds fittingly. Just as summer lets things feel a little more open, Hull will embrace the theme of Freedom. This marks the time when the city will be encouraging people to debate, create, and reimagine. Expect lively panel discussions and works of art that reinvent the way you see the world. Season Three will also explore the pivotal, and yet often ignored, role that Hull played within the emancipation movement.

Season Four: Tell The World

October through to the end of the year will see stories merge and fresh ones initiated. Hull’s emerging importance within the Northern Powerhouse will be expressed, with the city confirming its independence and individuality. Expect special events highlighting the future of life in the UK’s 2017 City of Culture.