HRH Metal

HRM has spent the last 10 years putting together festivals and residential events for the cult Metal community, and the 2017 line-up, which is set to hit the acclaimed 02 Academy, Birmingham on the 11th and 12th February 2017, is set to bring a heavy selection of metal’s top players for your enjoyment.

The line-up includes:


  • Room 1 Main Arena: Bearfist, Red Rum, Savage Messiah, Senser, Raging Speedhorn, Evile, and Skindred.
  • Room 2: Winter Storm, RSJ, Exist Immortal, Def-Con-One, and Feed The Rhino.
  • Room 3 Best of Brum: Burden of Noose, Bloodyard, Internal Conflict, Vicious Nature, Jonestown, AntiClone, Left for Red, Ballsdeep, and Animator.


  • Room 1 Main Arena: Pythia, Primitai, Winterfylleth, Hell, Lawnmower Deth, and Sodom.
  • Room 2: Fury, Reign of Fury, Stonehost, and Hecate Enthroned.
  • Room 3 Best of Brum: XV11, Obzidian, Eradikator, Pelugian, Donkerkarnuffel, Hanging Doll, Gehtica, Derange, and The Heretic Order.

HRH Metal will pay homage to pretty much every genre of metal out there. This horde of a line-up represents some of the best the world has to offer, and the HRH Metal community are the people to curate it.

As with other HRM Metal events, you won’t be putting up with muddy fields, soggy tents, dodgy toilets, and ravers with glow sticks. Instead, everything takes place inside, and any non-locals can get a room packed with everything they could possibly need, all a mere stone’s throw from the arenas and fun. If you are local, you’ll feel even more at home thanks to the Best of Brum line-up, which delivers a selection of the city’s most prized metal acts alongside its latest up-and-coming bands and performers.

2016 was quite the year for HRH, with new city experiences taking over historical music venues and plenty of run of the mill accommodations morphed in legendary HRH Hotels to let everyone do their own thing. Just a few of the most talked-about events including HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner & HRH NWOBHM. Both took place in Sheffield, and both sold out in under 7 weeks. We expect to see the 2017 calendar become just as popular, starting with the February festival.

If HRH Metal sounds right up your alley, just head over to their website to find out more and take a closer look at what will be on offer.