Download Will Launch its Own Craft Beer for 2016

Every year since 2003, Donington Park in Leicestershire has played host to the nation’s most popular summer rock and heavy metal festival. Honestly, Download needs no introduction; this is where you go if you’re more KISS than Kanye and more Rammstein than Rolling Stones.

With that kind of audience in mind, it should really come as no surprise to learn that Download is on the cusp of becoming the first ever festival to launch its own beer. You’ll be able to get your buzz on while quaffing down a tasty pint that will only be available three days out of 365 each year.

That beer has been named Dogtooth, and Download veterans should know why. It has been dubbed in homage to the festival’s own beloved canine mascot, Download Dog himself, and you’ll be able to find it across all bars and booths on site from June 10th right up until June 13th. Nothing is yet known about what we can expect from this specially crafted brew, but, with Download as its father, we’re expecting something special with a kick. Should be worth raising a toast or two.

If you fancy some hair of the Dogtooth after a night of head banging, mosh-pitting, and heavy drinking, you’ll have plenty of options for payment if you don’t fancy hauling around your cash. Contactless, debit, and credit card payments are all good for Dogtooth, but you’ll also be able to opt for Apple Pay and Google Pay at a pretty fair number of bars, merch stands, and food stalls, so get ready to have at it.

You’ll enjoy your Dogtooth while listening to an outstanding mix of established rockers and rising stars. Pennywise, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath have all been confirmed as headliners, and they’ll be joined by such acts as alt-rock champions InMe, garage rockers like The Franklys, Scandinavian hard rockers like Santa Cruz, and apocalyptic metal-heads like Witchsorrow and The Dirty Youth.

If that’s not enough, get ready to check out Battle Heritage. They’ll be bringing full-contact medieval fighting to the Download. The Original Wall of Death is also set for a return, as is the Zorbing Race Circuit, the Inflatable Church, and a whole host of challenging art installations.

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s Download, make sure you remember to try a taste of Dogtooth while you’re enjoying the show.