Coastival 2017

The Coastival arts festival has always been one of the most exciting festivals to come out of the United Kingdom each year, and Coastival 2017 looks set to extend and heighten the event’s peerless reputation for exciting artwork and top musical acts.

Coastival will be coming to Scarborough from 18th to 19th February, and the theme for this year is a great one: Coastival – The Unexpected. Visitors can expect to be treated to artwork, performance pieces, and music in kooky locations, with each act aiming to revolutionise your expectations of a traditional arts festival.

At the core of Coastal 2017 will be four exciting and brand-new commissions. Just take a look at what you’ll soon be able to check out in the flesh:

Virtual Scarborough – Created in Minecraft

Coastival 2017 will be going beyond even the boundaries of physical reality with the Virtual Scarborough commission. Enter the 3D world of Minecraft to explore your own favourite places, landmarks, and sites across the town, which has been meticulously created as a digital landscape. Though envisioned and created by Krash Labs, Virtual Scarborough was crafted with the assistance of local children, and it promises to be one of Coastival 2017’s most popular attractions.

Sunny Spells with a Chance of Snow

If the winter blues have been getting you down, head to Coastival 2017. Yorkshire might not be the sort of place you’d make tracks towards to be warmed in the dead of winter, but, once again, this year’s event is all about the unexpected. Stepping inside a lonely seafront caravan will see you transported to the height of summer, with an immersive environment created around you using miniature and condense summer experiences. Look across the sea or dance through the plaza.

See (Glass)

This immense animated light sculpture has been made entirely from local sea glass that has been diligently collected by Scarborough residents, and it should be a Coastival 2017 centrepiece. Enchanting graphics will dance across this glass seascape via digitally programmed sequences, and you can even enter your own See (Glass) design for consideration.

Market Hall Myriad of Music and Madness

Finally, the unique Scarborough venue that is the newly refurbished Market Hall will host a variety night that combines the talents of local musicians with professional comedy legends and fabulous Glastonbury performers. Promising a multidimensional, sensory explosion, this one-night-only event doesn’t seem like one you should pass up the chance to experience.