Bestival Camplight Program

Ask most people what their favourite part of attending a festival is, and you’re unlikely to hear anyone waxing poetic about pitching their tent. Bestival has always been a forward-thinker, and they’ve stayed true to form by developing the CampLight program. When you show up on the Isle of Wight this year, you’ll have the option to pre-book a pre-pitched tent that will be ready and waiting by the time you arrive.

That means no messing around with tent-pegs or squatting down in the mud before you can start enjoying yourself, and you can leave your own tent at home or skip the expense of buying a new one. With simple pop ups for one or two and tents that can accommodate as few as one or as many as nine, there’s bound to be an option to fit your needs.

For added convenience, you can opt for a package deal that provides a roll mat and sleeping bag along with the tent itself. Still not satisfied? Try booking one of the following extras:

  • Phone Charging Device: A USB charge device will let you top up your phone’s battery from the tent. You have it all weekend, and one of the Bestival team members will recharge it and bring it back if ever you drain the battery.
  • Shower in a Bag: If you start to feel a little ripe after a day or two of dancing, jut use this kit’s special body wash and shampoo to give yourself a wash in your tent.
  • Storage Tent: Need some extra room for all your stuff? No problem, just add a storage tent.
  • Travel John: This pocket size portable urinal can be used with ease by both girls and boys. Silica gel crystals in the bag soak up and disinfect urine.
  • Flag Pole: Nothing’s worse than losing your tent in the crowd. Just bring your own distinguishing flag and then fit it to the pole provided.
  • Camp Chair: Whether the ground is wet from mud or the sun is shining down on you, we bet you’ll appreciate having some comfy camping chairs to sink into.

If you’re travelling with a couple of friends who are bringing a tent of their own, there’s no need to worry about getting separated. Just add a guest pitch to reserve a patch of ground right next to your own Camplight spot.