Bestival 2017

Bestival Areas

Part of Bestival’s fun has always revolved around its cool array of themed areas, and Bestival 2017 is going to be no exception. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

Ambient Forest

The Ambient Forest combines the relaxation of heading back into nature with soothing tunes from the masters of meditative sound. As you voyage from one unique woodland to the next, you’ll encounter the interactive art of Aespia Festival. With installations, paintings, sculptures, performances, music, poetry, and workshops, there’s plenty to savour as you walk through this 3D canvas.

Slow Motion

Time really will feel slowed down. Presented in partnership with Balance Magazine, Slow Motion provides Massage Therapies to keep you centred, The Transformation Station and Hair and Face & Body Art Glitter Boudoir to keep you styled, and even Hot Tubs with Bathing Under the Sky.

Cuckoo Clump

Containing the iconic Reggae Roots stage to bring you the latest reggae, from ska, rock, dub, dancehall and junglist riddims, Cuckoo Clump boasts its own sandy beach. You can also experience the surreal and absurdist world of Club DaDa.

Colour Field

Containing the world’s largest bouncy castle, Colour Field offers the world’s largest bouncy castle. Oh, and did we mention that it’s home to the world’s largest bouncy castle? The Bollywood tent is here, a venue that DJs beg to play in year on year. It also contains the famous Bestival Temple, which delivers spectacular aerial displays, ferocious pyrotechnics, and high-tech laser shows.

And don’t forget the world’s largest bouncy castle.

Love-Bot Park

Love-Bot Park contains three incredible stages: The Box, Invaders of the Future, and HMS Bestival. Of course, what’s going to capture your attention is the eight-meter-tall Love-Bot sending good vibes out across the Bestival community. Cool. And at night: Night Parades!

The Lawn

The Lawn is where you come to chill out and savour some delicious food courtesy of The Feast Collective. There’s also a fantastic children’s area with cardboard castle, workshops, face painting, magicians, and (not the world’s largest but still nice) bouncy castle.

The Castle Field

Bringing a full cast of heavy hitters, The Castle Field is where you’ll find the Sunday night finale and the Castle Fireworks Finale. If you’re feeling a spiritual connection to the tunes around you, maybe make a beeline to the kooky Bestival Inflatable Church?


Last but not least, Caravanserai, is a world of vintage caravans, wurlitzers, cocktail bars, and theatrical wonders. Continental Drifts is the place to be, and Cirque Bijou will bring unmissable contemporary circus entertainment.

Bestival Feast Collective

Bad food seems to be as much a part of the festival experience as flat iPhone batteries, muddy shoes, and crowded fields, but Bestival is taking one hell of a stand to put gastronomic integrity front and centre.

It’s called the Bestival Feast Collective, and it aims to make festival food “delectable, delicious and fantastically nutritious”. A tall order indeed, if you’ll excuse the pun, but Bestival has always been one of the more wholesome UK fests, so why not bring together a wonderful cast of chefs, artisan foodsmiths, and kitchen masterminds to form the Feast Collective?

In the words of Feast Collective curator Gemma Thorogood:

“We’ve been around the world and back via the Dorset beaches to find the most delicious food the fields can offer for this year’s Feast Collective, from Taiwanese Bao buns made by a Brazilian/French lady duo Le Bao, to banging Vietnamese from new kids on the block Krapow! There’s new dishes to try, as well as your trusty faves to keep you coming back for more…!”

Le Rac Shack will be this year’s Feast Collective hosts, and they’ll be serving up Alpine cheese-covered treats for you to savour – that’s going to include everything from fried new potatoes to Toulouse sausage baguettes. At the same time, MC Melt and DJ Goldilocks will be headlining the FC stage to combine top tunes with top food.

And if cheese isn’t your bag, there is going to be plenty more to make your mouth water. For something a little different, why not head to Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. For plant-based food, it should be all about Milgi. If you’re after fish and seafood, try Seadog, or for irresistible Vietnamese street food, make a beeline to Hanoi Kitchen. Further eatery experiences will be provided courtesy of:

  • Butchies: For the best fried chicken sandwich around.
  • Krapow: For vibrant and authentic Thai food.
  • Firestation Coffee: For your hit of caffeine on the morning after the night before.
  • Elephant Juice: For a smoothie or juice full of freshly-squeezed goodness.
  • Piecaramba: For pop culture pastries.
  • Shrimpy: For unique Scandinavian and British seafood.
  • Happy Maki: For giant sushi wraps.

We’re sure you get the idea: the Feast Collective is making Bestival 2017 into a foodies’s dream come true. If you’re heading to this year’s event, make sure you stop by. Your taste buds will thank you.