Bestival 2016 Locations

Running from September 8th to 11th, 2016’s Bestival promises to be one of the most engaging and entertaining yet, and the future theme is set to distinguish it even further from the average. As with every Bestival event, you’ll be able to explore eight separate locations, each with its own unique vibe and theme.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s going to be on offer.

The Ambient Forest

The lush stand of trees that makes up the Ambient Forest is home to the enchanted Amphitheatre. Finding yourself there during the day will mean taking in gig-theatre, sketch comedy, sketches, songs and dance-theatre. Head there at night for the music.

Slow Motion

Anyone looking for a tranquil retreat during their time at Bestival should set their compasses for Slow Motion. Situated serenely at the top of the hill, you’ll take in views across the rolling grass. In the words of Rob da Bank himself, “now there’s a way of refuelling your mind and body before the next Bestival adventure.”

Magic Meadow

The Magic Meadow is where you head if you want to be blown away. It plays host to the Sunday night Spectacular, and this year’s event will be a Purple Rave to pay tribute to Prince.

Bollywood Field

The Bollywood Tent has been a Bestival favourite ever since the event kicked off in 2004. Walk inside this intricately coloured tent to find the finest cocktails around and music from some of the country’s top DJs.

Stardust Field

Stardust Field is where you’ll experience the biggest names of the festival on the legendary Main Stage. Set against Robin Hill’s rolling hills, it’s the perfect venue. You’ll also find the notorious Club Dada here.

The Spaceport

The Spaceport represents the next step forward in sound and vision, and it’s centred around an immense 20-meter rocket.

Temple Island Stage

Temple Island is Bestival’s church of dance. Overseen by The Physical Network, this location features all-out partying during every night of the festivities. Last year’s Temple Island was non-stop, and we’re expecting nothing less from 2016.

Grassy Hill

Grassy Hill is home to two things that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. The first is the colossal Love-Bot, an intriguing interactive art installation that comes alive when you show it some love. The second is Bestival’s colourful Carnival Parade, which will bring you troupes inspired by both heaven and hell.