Bestival 2015 – What you need to know

The UK festival scene has many events that manage to brighten up the summer, but one of the most intriguing festivals of recent years has been Bestival. It has a funny name, sure, but it also has a great mix of exciting acts and a strong brand of silliness too. People who have attended the event have come away saying that they have never been to a festival like it. It has managed to develop it’s own unique approach to festival life, and this approach has resulted in a slightly weird but always entertaining end to the summer festival season.

But first let’s talk about the music. The Bestival line up this year is full of famous names. But the festival is also famous for having a dance feel to things. This year it has pulled off a major coup with The Chemical Brothers, a legendary dance act that has been responsible for some of the most ground-breaking music in the UK dance arena. This is certainly destined to make Bestival a crowd-pleaser in 2015.

As if that wasn’t enough, the festival also boasts Underworld, a major dance act that has produced some truly iconic music. This act is sure to pull in the crowds, and one song alone, Born Slippy, is viewed as a true dance anthem.

The main idea of Bestival (if it even has one) is fancy dress. Each year the vast majority of the festivalgoers attend in fancy dress, and it has become a true trademark of the event. If you plan to go this year, it is worthwhile digging out a costume that will really stand out. They get more outlandish every year, and part of the fun of the event is checking out who is wearing what, and there is often a huge level of effort put into the whole thing.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Bestival is its willingness to offer a wide variety of tickets. The key here is flexibility, and the festival really goes all out to give attendees the opportunity to choose their style of attendance. This means it has plugged into a new kind of festival vibe. People want to have choice, and this is what they truly get with Bestival.

Hotel deals

The festival offers exclusive deals with hotels, so attendees can avoid roughing it altogether and simply take advantage of the partnership and bag an exclusive and attractive deal on a hotel stay. You can also choose to stay in the ready-made tents in the legendary fields the festival holds, such as Tangerine Fields. This option is a particularly popular one, simply because it makes for an ease of use and accessibility that cuts out the sometimes messy job of arranging your own tent and equipment.

The Bestival is held on the Isle of Wight and this year runs from the 10th to the 13th of September. Rapidly gaining in popularity, it is well worth investigating tickets early if you want a piece of the (slightly weird) action.