10 Family-Friendly British Music Festivals

Festivals have developed a reputation as haunts of none but the young and childless. Sure, there are some festivals where anybody who remembers owning a Walkman is going to feel out of place, but there are plenty of others that welcome people and families of all ages.

  1. Boardmasters Festival

Taking place in Newquay from August 10-14, Boardmasters mixes musical acts with surfing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding. There are both camping and glamping accommodations, but you can always go for a hotel. Best of all, under-7s get in free.

  1. Green Man

Head to the Brecon Beacons from August 18-21 to experience Green Man. Five different stages and areas cater for adults, kids, and teenagers. 2016 saw attendees paying £175 for adults or £20 for children.

  1. Tramlines

Hosted in Sheffield from July 22-24, this fest takes place across four outdoor stages at Endcliffe Park, Sheffield Cathedral, the Hope Works warehouse and Leadmill, making it easy for those who can’t drive far or hate camping. Expect to pay £42 per adult or just £1 per child.

  1. Curious Arts Festival

The New Forest plays host to the Curious Arts Festival from July 22-24. This boutique festival has a distinct literary angle with plenty for kids, including jabberwock hunts. Adults can meet some of their favourite authors. Tickets come in at £45 for adults, with children entering free.

  1. Isle of Wight Festival

From June 9-12, you’ll find some of the biggest acts in the world lighting up the Isle of Wight, and there are a host of more chilled areas for families. Tickets come in at £208.20 for adults or £155 for teens.

  1. Down To The Woods

Hosted in County Durham from August 13-14, the Down to The Woods festival has featured headliners such as Primal Scream and Echo & the Bunnymen, and the kids get their own funfair and activities. Tickets start at £55 for adults or £15 for kids.

  1. Rewind Festival

Find nostalgia favourites in North Cheshire from August 5-7. There’s also a funfair, pamper lounges, and a maximum capacity of just 20,000. Expect to pay $125 for adults or £95 for children.

  1. Livestock

From July 29-3 in Gloucestershire, you’ll find acts rocking out at a mini festival at Longdon Farm. VIP tickets start at just £65.

  1. Download

Donington Park has played host to acts such as Rammstein, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, but kids are still more than welcome to attend. Tickets are priced at £215 for adults or £99 for children.

  1. Ramblin’ Man Fair

The Ramblin’ Man takes place in Maidstone from July 23-24, providing rock, prog, and blues across 440 acres of landscaped parkland. It’s a smaller festival, so it’s a good one for families. Tickets start at £130 for the weekend, but under 12s get in free.